Aluminum Swing Door are made of storefront material with thermobreak, supplied with:

- Dual Weather stripping 
- 1"insulated glass panel , made of safety glass. 
- European Lock, Door closure, Standard hinges  
- Saddle 
Single Swing Doors: 
Double Swing Doors:
Pocket Doors :

Pocket Doors are particularly well suited for dining rooms, master bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens or anywhere floor space is at a premium. The use of a pocket door will free up previously unusable wall and floor space with a clean and modern appearance.  

Herculite Doors :

Herculite Glass Doors also known as frameless glass doors. 

These  doors are pure glass, handles and hinges. The glass is very thick and heavy, providing a fancy look . These doors are prevalent in malls, offices  because of their proffessional look of elegance.  Herculite type doors are one of the nicest entry doors you can install in a business. They come with a variety of opening and closing hardware choices to customize the look specific to your needs. 

Herculite Type Doors feature:

Glass size 1/4-inch to 1-inch thickness 
Multiple styles of locking hardware 
Brass, chrome, bronze and other finishes for top and bottom brace rails 
Variety of handles, hinges and closing hardware to choose from 

Patio Doors:

- Heavy duty panel rollers. 
- Sliding screens with adjustable rollers top and  bottom. 
- Insulated glass panel, made of safety glass 
- Thermal break material 
- 3 panel door, 4 panel doors or  2 panel doors